Thesis projects

Open position:

  • Postdoc on uncertainty quantification and calibration of aeroelastic wind turbine models.

Current projects (Postdoc/PhD/MSc)

  • Laurent van den Bos, Uncertainty propagation in wind turbine modelling; with TU Delft (Wim Bierbooms, Gerard van Bussel).
  • Jurriaan Buist, Modelling multiphase flow in pipelines with the two-fluid model; with TU Delft and Shell.
  • Yous van Halder, Uncertainty quantification for the variability of liquid impacts during sloshing in LNG tanks.
  • Maurice Hendrix, Numerical methods for pigging in pipelines; with TU Delft and Shell (Ruud Henkes).

Previous thesis projects

  • Jurriaan Buist, Machine learning for closure models in multiphase-flow applications, Master thesis, Eindhoven University of Technology, February 2019.
  • Julia Klinkert, The characterization of uncertainty for steady state multiphase flow models in pipelines, Master thesis, Delft University of Technology, January 2018.
  • Irfan Dogan, Dynamic two-phase flow modelling of coupled well-reservoir transients, Master thesis, Delft University of Technology, October 2016.
  • Adnan Rajkotwala, Coupling Methods for Well Reservoir Interaction. Master thesis, University of Twente, August 2015.
  • Max Haspels, Predicting the Motion of an Elongated Bubble Moving in a Liquid-Filled Channel employing a 1D Two-Fluid Model, Master Thesis, University of Twente, January 2015.
  • Marco Marino, Dynamic Flow Modelling for Well-Reservoir Interaction. Master thesis, Delft University of Technology, December 2014.
  • Jolanda Heijnen, Volume error reduction for 1D multiphase-flow models, July 2014.