Thesis projects and open positions

Open position:

  • There is an opening for a PhD position, please see the CWI websiteSoon there will be an opening for a PhD position on structure-preserving neural networks.

Current projects (Postdoc/PhD/MSc)

Daily supervision:

  • Jorino van Rhijn, Structure-preserving neural networks, NWO-Groot project UNRAVEL, with TU/e and Leiden.
  • Jurriaan Buist, Modelling multiphase flow in pipelines with the two-fluid model; with Svetlana Dubinkina, Kees Oosterlee and Ruud Henkes.
  • Yous van Halder, Uncertainty quantification for the variability of liquid impacts during sloshing in LNG tanks; with TU/e (Barry Koren).


  • Kelbij Star (UGhent, SCK CEN), reduced-order models; with Joris Degroote and Giovanni Stabile.
  • Maarten van den Broek (TU Delft), wind-farm control; with Jan-Willem van Wingerden.
  • Gustaw Cegielski (TU Delft), reduced-order models for turbulent flows; with Richard Dwight.

Previous student/thesis projects